The Magus Star

Once upon the mists of time, before the veil was drawn between the mortal world and the realm of the djinn’s....
The sheik watched from a hill as the sky goddess spilled her pitcher of stars into the darkening sky. He scanned the horizon with hawk like eyes for any sign of concealment or ambush. He knew the journey would be long and full of danger. His stallion stamped the sand restlessly sensing the unease and waited for his master’s command. With a sudden sense of urgency the sheik spurred the horse forward as his robes like the milky way flowed backward in the wind that whispered of the ordeal that lay ahead. He knew he must find the magus. His life and that of his tribe depended on it. He remembered what his father had told him long ago beside the camp fire as he listened with rapt expression to the stories that were told in the sacred circle as leathered brown hands reached into bowls served by the women of the camp. His hunger intensified as he had not eaten since morning and he reached into his pouch for some dried dates and figs there and swallowed a mouthful of water from the gourd. He thought of his tribesman sitting on the sands drinking mint tea noisily and dipping pieces of flat bread into savoury lamb stew pots.….."that which is hidden shall be known” His father’s words resonated in his soul.

to be continued as I lost my notes on this (a work in progress) November-20-09, 9:00:59 AM

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