Sands of Persia

Sands of persia 

Sands of Persia by Rex Rayna and Kathy Amsterdam  Shah and Shahbanu of Persia, a gorgeous setting from their creative genius , a combat sim, with many role opportunities. Royals, Harem slaves, Immortal Army, Royal Guard, Nomads, Amazons and Pirates. A great venue but alas no more. Jayalli : daughter of the shah who became a queen in every sense Ameera: younger and bratty daughter of the Shah, fond of playing jokes on people,  Sheik Blaze: dashing, magnetic leader of the desert tribe Merenwen: his adventurous, saucy and loyal guard Chey: the sheik's dutiful daughter  with attitude, Jynx: the irrepresible pirate queen and many more


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