a wedding, a mystery and the death of a sim

Wedding in Egypt, Nile Valley October-01-10, 3:52:15 PM |

The marriage of Sheik Blaze of the Oasis of the Four Winds and Pharaoh's Foreign Minister, Anuketmau took place in Alexandria with much rejoicing on October 4, 2008. It was sanctified in the temples of Osiris and Isis by the priesthood and graced by the presence of Pharaoh Ptolemy Suter I who gave his blessing and approval of the union months before. It was attended by friends and citizens of Alexandria who witnessed the signing of the contracts between the couple. Joyous celebrations followed for days.


Celebration of Ra

Death of Pharaoh and the ordeal of Sheik Blaze.

Sheik Blaze of the desert Bedu, his wife and guard Zahra along with a soldier of Egypt searched the Valley of the Tombs for signs of the missing Pharaoh who had gone out on a hunting party and never returned. Their hearts were heavy and full of fear as they searched the passage ways and rooms of the underground vaults. Sheik Blaze had discovered signs of a bloody conflict and a crown belonging to Pharaoh which filled their hearts with a terrible foreboding. Suddenly Sheik Blaze with a loud cry disappeared. His wife, the Minister Anuketmau and companions searched for him to no avail but a few days later he was discovered still alive by the Medjay Jewel. He was carried to the physician Merit, who treated him for his wounds. Still feverish and unconscious he mumbled of many things, of his cousin, of a betrayal and of a mysterious woman in an underground passageway. A day later he is brought back to camp to the care of his loving wife and his fellow Bedus. He is still unaware of the black cloud that has descended over Egypt. Pharaoh's lifeless body had been discovered and brought back to Alexandria where he was taken to his final resting place in the Valley of the Tombs amidst great ceremony and lamenting. The Oracle of Amun ,Djeserit, is especialy affected as she failed to foresee this catastrophe in time to forewarn. Now the throne must be filled by his sons Prince Ausorhotep and Prince Anubis to jointly rule during this time of great change and chaos. Egypt wonders at the outcome of this tragic event and what light the Sheik Blaze can shed on this if and when he remembers.

The Story ends here as Egypt Nile Valley and The Great Sahara  were soon dissolved back into the SL grid due to lack of funds after the  sad death of the creator of this vision in Nov 2008, who we knew as Exodus Digital.
Jan 2009

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