Friday, February 25, 2011

The secret of Tush and the mysterious woman

In your desert travels you come to an oasis. Lying down to rest you fall into a dream and see a woman sitting like a statue  on a  polished stone, cooling her feet in the water.  She carries a symbol that looks like a key - perhaps there is a door or gate  nearby? Trying to recall the significance in the hieroglyphics you understand that the key-like symbol actually stands for the Egyptian word Nefer meaning beautiful.  On the stone is written further hieroglyphics.  A rather strange deciphering of three symbols in alphabetical translation seems to spell out  the word "tush."  Very strange.  Or perhaps in the poetry of the Ancient Egyptian language could it mean "She of the beautiful tush?"  You smile to yourself in amusement at your little joke but you look more closely..
She is dressed in the Egyptian style and seems to be waiting for someone - but she doesn't look Egyptian.  She is from somewhere else yet she is in Egypt. There must be a story here.  Who is she and where is she from?
Suddenly a lion appears and walks toward the woman as a sandstorm begins to blow across the scene wiping away the visible hieroglyphs on the stone but revealing  four others.
When the storm is done all that is left is the stone and a mysterious reflection like a mirage rippling in the water

Sitting on Tush

(Clues page might help)

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